DuPage County Fair - Wheaton, IL Show 2010

Photos taken July 22-25, 2010



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Economy 7hp
Jacob Haish 4hp
Sandwich 1 1/2hp with Hack Saw
Gade 1 1/2hp with Water Pump
Economy with Water Pump
Jaeger 2hp with Eli Hay Press
Challenge 4hp with Appleton #3 Mill
Stover 5hp with Stover #45 Mill
Challenge 1 1/2hp with Challenge Water Pump and Pumpjack
Challenge 2hp with Appleton New Badger 2 Hole Corn Sheller
Challenge 8hp with Appleton #8 Mill
Kids Shelling / Grinding Corn
Extended Hopper on the Appleton #3 Mill

Drive a Tractor/Let GPS Auto Steer Drive You Around

Petting Zoo
Model Engines
Model Engines
Model Engines
Model Engines
Model Engines
Model Boat
Model Engines
Rope Making
Part of the Hands On exhibit

Working Exhibits

Loaded up to head home




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