Rollag MN - 2009

Photos taken September 4,  2009

Engines        Construction    Parade    Tractors  

Video of Mack Dump Truck and Trencher Working  2:22 long 6mb


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Marion Shovel
Student Driver??? trying to find their way to the rock crusher
View south over the pond
Elevating Scraper

Bucyrus Erie 50-B
The Sandbox

Bucyrus Erie Dragline loading a Mack Dump Truck

Dump Wagons
Bucyrus Erie 54B Shovel
Case Steam engine on Rock Crusher
Mack Dump Truck Dumping
Trencher (with Twin City Engine)
Cat with Euclid Belly Dump
Bucyrus Erie Dragline
Cat Pipelayer
Marion Dragline
Cat Dozers
Misc Equipment




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