Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club Show - Baraboo, WI - 2009

Photos taken August 21-23,  2009

Engines 1        Engines 2        Engines 3        Tractors 1        Tractors 2        Hog Oilers


Video of Steam Engine Spark Show 2.5 minutes long 3.4mb

Video of Davis Power Unit Running Wood Planer 1.5 minutes long 3.7mb


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Taking a cruz on the Avery
All Rich wants for Christmas are Two Big Rumelys
What Is Happening Here
Reeves on the Silo Filler

Well Driller Rigs
110 Case
Steam Engine Rowe (and a few gas tractors in the mix)

Looking back over the Tractor Display Area
Happy Farmer
Rumely  Oil Pull Tractors
Rumely12-20 K
Rumely 25-40 X
John Deere on the Band Saw Mill
Avery 8-16
Allis Chalmers
Rumely 20-30
Bates Steel Mule
Case 12-20 Crossmotor
Case 12-20 Crossmotor
Case 12-20 Crossmotor
Case 12-20 Crossmotor
Case 12-20 Crossmotor
Case 15-27 Crossmotor
Case 22-40 Crossmotor
Case 10-20 Crossmotor 3 wheeler
Case 9-18 Crossmotor
Case B
Case 12-25
Orchard Case Tractors
Case LA LP
Case 12-25
Case Wrench Display
Case Drill Press
Oxen grinding Corn
Silo Fillers

Spark Show

View from upper level of the Avery Building
Rumely Oil Pull
Club's Rumely 20-40 G
Rumely 15-30 F
Rumely 30-60 E
Rumely Oil Pill 15-25
Rumely 16-30
Rumely 20-40

Case 20-40
Case 80hp
Pair of Scale Case Steam Engines
Port Huron
Advance Rumely
Case 40hp
Case 60hp
Case 80hp
Case 65hp
Case 9hp
Row of Steam Engines
Case 50hp
IH Auto Buggy
Threshing Area
Club's Reeves Steam Engine




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