WI Open House 2008

Photos taken November 1 - 2008



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Rumely 12-20 K Oil Pull
Happy Farmer
Gifford Air Compressor
MacLeod 1 3/4hp
IH M 1 1/2hp
International Famous Model Engine

Emerson 4hp

Lauson Lawton 6hp
Lauson Lawton 4hp
Lauson 4hp
Model Engine
Lawson Lawton 2 1/2hp
New Holland 5hp
Simplicity 6hp
CP&J Lauson 6hp
IH Famous 6hp
Simplicity Tank Cooled
Christensen 8hp

Geo. Pohl Advance 6hp
FM 4hp H
Mogul 2 1/2hp
Lauson Frost King Jr 1 1/2hp with Challenge Mill
Challenge Mill
Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan


Lambert Gearless

Corn Shelling
Mini Rod
Model Lauson Lawton




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