WI Tractor Play Day 2008

Photos taken October  11-12, 2008

Video of Tractors 1 (2.4mb 2m 14sec) Hart Parr, Titan, Aultman Taylor

Video of Tractors 2 (2.5mb 2m 15sec) Case, Rumely Oil Pull

Video of Tractors 3 (2.4mb 2min 13sec) IH Mogul


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Unknown Engine

Tractor Rows


Hart Parr 18-36

Hart Parr 30-60


IH Titan 10-20

Rumely Oil Pull 30-60 S

Case 20-40

IH Mogul

Rumely Oil Pull 20-30 W

Minneapolis 17-30 Type A

Aultman Taylor 22-3

IH Titan 1-20

IH 15-30

Rumely Oil Pull
Rumely Oil Pull 25-40 X

Putting Tractors away for the winter




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