Rock & Dirt Show

Edgerton, WI

Photos taken June 7  - 2008



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1948 Hendrickson
Mack R
1965 Mack R
AC Grader
Filling up the D8 (somehow my other photos of this unit) were not on the camera...must have been operator error.
The work site.  Building had flooded many times due to the water running down the hill and into the building.  Plan was to remove up to 18" of dirt and clay.  This will also make it easier to get the threshing machines in and out of this storage building.
Cat D2 with Scraper

Cat 955

Oshkosh Dumping Gravel
Cat 212 grader
Mack Dumping Dirt at site of new people mover unloading ramp
AC Crawler with Sheepsfoot

Loading Gravel into the Oshkosh with the Cat IT14G

Machine Use was donated by Fabco

Loading Dirt into the Mack R with the Cat 955
Cat 15 Crawlers
Grader just prior to the rain.
Cat Roller packing the dirt just prior to the rain.

Machine Use was donated by Fabco

Wow...only 2 screw binders holding this John Deere 160 Excavator to the trailer.  Photos taken on my way to work on 6/9
Mechanical Governors that were recently donated to the Rock River Thresheree Museum  








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