Peek Into The Past - Batavia IL 2008

Photos taken August 29 - Sept 1, 2008

Show with Batavia Built Equipment as part of the Town's 175th Birthday.

14 minute video of the equipment

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Unloading to Setup
3 Appleton's in front of the Appleton Factory
The next day...
Challenge 3hp with Windlass
Challenge 3, 5, 8hp
Challenge 3hp with #7 Mill
Headless Challenge, Challenge Sheller,

Challenge Dishpan, Appleton Sheller

Appleton Husker Shredder and Newton Wagon
Challenge Hourglass Lineup 2, 4, 6, 8/10hp

challenge 1 1/2hp

Owned by Batavia Historical Society

Challenge 1 1/2hp on Cement Mixer

Challenge 2hp next to Challenge OK Windmill across the Fox River from the Challenge Factory

The Challenge Factory

The Challenge Dam
The Raceway
Challenge OK Windmill
Jim with his 2hp Challenge Hourglass, Jim and Jim III
Hand Pumps, Windmill Weights
Challenge Picture Pump
Challenge Pump Conductor
Challenge Pump Pipe Puller
Challenge Windmill Speer Weights
Oil cans
Batavia Dairy
Halliday Standard Tail
Halliday Standard Model (Original)




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