Jonamac Orchard - Malta, IL 2008

Photos taken October 4-5, 2008

Jonamac Orchard Website


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Challenge 2hp Hourglass & Challenge Mill
Sandwich Cub
FM 3hp
FM 1 1/2hp

Cider Press
IH M 1 1/2hp running the cider press
Sandwich 4hp
Gade Model
Sandwich 3hp
Jacob Haish 1 1/2hp
IH LB 1 1/2-2 1/2hp
R&V 2hp
IH M 1 1/2hp
Associated 1 3/4
Witte 2hp
Sandwich 1 1/2hp and blower
FM 1 1/2hp
Sandwich 1 1/2hp
Perkins Model, Gearless Olds Model
Rockford 3hp
Rockford 4hp
IH M 1 1/2hp Engines with Sheller and Grinder
Sandwich 1 1/2hp

Duck Races




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