Heritage Park of North Iowa - Forest City, IA 2008

Photos taken September 20-21, 2008

Steam        Tractors 1        Tractors 2        Other Exhibits

This is an excellent show in Iowa.  Too many working exhibits to mention. 

Over 425 photos and I did not get to a chance to provide more complete coverage of this great show.

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Gang Plows and Threshing Machines
Just one shot of the  Threshing Area
Horse Powered Appleton Hero No. 1 Grinder
Horse Powered Sandwich Corn Sheller
Belle City Thresher - 5 Horse Sweep Powered
Horse Powered Hay Press
MM Cylinder Sheller
IH Cylinder Sheller
Dusk by a Log Cabin
The Fire House

Studebaker Sprinkler Wagon
Ford Fire Truck

Steam Powered Pumper
Hand Hose Carts
IH Pumper
Piersch Pumper
Hand Powered Pump
The Jail - Even had a customer
General Store
The Engine Area

Foster & Hosler Air Compressor
Waterloo Boy 14hp (Throttler)
Armstrong 7hp
FM with Pump
Sparta 8hp
Metro Diesel
Various Engines
Ruston Hornsby
Indian Motor Cycle outside the Service Station.




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