Engine Display at the DuPage County Fair 2008

Photos taken July 21-27, 2008



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Pre Fair Setup...Plenty of corn to shell and grind
Challenge 8hp running Appleton #8 Mill
Challenge 4hp running Appleton #3 Mill
Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan Engine and Pump/Pump jack setup
Water Pumps for the kids to use
Jaeger running Eli Hay Press
Stover 5hp
Appleton 6hp
Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan running Challenge # 6 Mill
Economy 2 1/2hp D
Challenge 2hp running Pump
Associated 3hp
Running the Hack Saw with the Associated 3hp
Discussing Corn and the Equipment.
Model Engines on display  

Coop E2
John Deere H
John Deere
Farmall F12
John Deere
Case 500 Diesel
Regulation Length Ride....

Loaded and ready to go...after checking all straps




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