New Years Day  - Sandwich, IL - 2006

Photos taken Jan 1 - 2006

Several engine collectors got together in Sandwich, IL on Jan 1 for some engine fun.  There were 3 models running and one engine that was dismantled.   A great way to start the year off.


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12.jpg (106573 bytes)13.jpg (92636 bytes) Webster model
08.jpg (93370 bytes)11.jpg (92755 bytes)14.jpg (86805 bytes) Callahan Cam-Stopper Model
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Tinkering on the timing on the 1/4 scale Gade.  Flashlight was used due to ballast problem in the light over the work bench.
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3hp Independent Harvester - Engine was stuck when I purchased it several years back.  On Jan 1,2006; We were successful in getting the head off (~1.5 hours) and then the piston out (10 minutes).  A little more time was spent getting the stuck Pull Rod off and the Rocker Arm.  The brass padlock was found in the hopper.   Now to get the rest of the parts located and the engine put back together and running.
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Detail shots from a 3hp Emerson showing what the 3hp Independent should have on it.
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19.jpg (105375 bytes)20.jpg (80074 bytes)

Foos 4hp that I saw later in the day.  Very nice engine.
30.jpg (136388 bytes) Mystery Engine Tag....What is this from.....


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