Lyon's Farm  - Yorkville, IL - 2006

Photos taken September 24 - 2006

The following are just a few of the engines that were on display at this year's show.


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01.jpg (172017 bytes) Challenge 3hp and Majestic Cement Mixer
02.jpg (163074 bytes) Jacob Haish and water Pump
03.jpg (177486 bytes) Sandwich
04.jpg (163650 bytes) FM 1 1/2hp
05.jpg (150780 bytes) FM 3hp
06.jpg (139604 bytes) Sandwich Big 6
07.jpg (178560 bytes) Gade with Water Pump
08.jpg (172395 bytes)09.jpg (116406 bytes) USWE Corn Chopper
10.jpg (164158 bytes) Challenge 3hp & Mill
11.jpg (157901 bytes) Challenge 4hp and USWE Mill
12.jpg (165340 bytes)16.jpg (162998 bytes)13.jpg (165864 bytes) Challenge 5hp Throttler running Smalley Corn Chopper
15.jpg (148555 bytes)14.jpg (196296 bytes) Corn Chopper
17.jpg (152804 bytes) Stover
18.jpg (170739 bytes) Making Ice Cream
19.jpg (176005 bytes) P&O
20.jpg (166337 bytes)21.jpg (128759 bytes) AC Plowing
22.jpg (158391 bytes) Indiana
23.jpg (156294 bytes)24.jpg (143320 bytes) Tractors


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