DuPage County Fair - Wheaton, IL - 2006

Photos taken July 25-30 - 2006

The following are some of the items that we had on display at the fair this year.  Fair Visitors shelled about 175 bushels of corn by hand.  90% of the corn was then milled by hand grinder or by powered burr mill.  Talking to visitors, supervising the hand corn processing display and working the equipment limited photo taking during this event.


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Pre Fair Setup
01.jpg (84135 bytes)03.jpg (91071 bytes) Hay Press

Gade 1 1/2hp, Jaeger 2hp S

02.jpg (92632 bytes) Water Pumping Engines


04.jpg (87800 bytes)05.jpg (86898 bytes) Power Grinder Area

3hp Associated, 2 1/2hp Economy D, New Idea 

06.jpg (81070 bytes) Hand Shelling Area
07.jpg (107307 bytes) Challenge Sheller
08.jpg (89329 bytes) Sandwich Sheller
09.jpg (85081 bytes) Challenge 2hp, Challenge 3hp with hoist
10.jpg (114681 bytes) Challenge 8hp
Working Photos
13.jpg (119857 bytes)14.jpg (111465 bytes) Power Grinding Corn
15.jpg (108503 bytes) Rope Making
16.jpg (155933 bytes) Engines Pumping Water
18.jpg (99018 bytes) Ed with his model Engines
19.jpg (147526 bytes) Grinding Corn by Hand
20.jpg (145211 bytes) Shelling/Grinding corn by Hand
21.jpg (152821 bytes) Shelling Corn


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