Lyon Farm Spring Show- Yorkville, IL - 2005

Photos taken May 22, - 2005

The following engines were on display at this year's show.


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01.jpg (219423 bytes) P & O Engine (built by Nelson Bros)
02.jpg (206735 bytes) Ice Cream Scoops
05.jpg (204135 bytes) Ice Cream Maker
03.jpg (229480 bytes) Vertical Engine
04.jpg (199825 bytes) Goulds Pump
07.jpg (193205 bytes)

06.jpg (171880 bytes)08.jpg (197098 bytes)

Crossley P1070 (with England and Australia tags)
09.jpg (221978 bytes) 2hp Majestic and pump
10.jpg (211324 bytes) 2 1/2hp Gilson
11.jpg (173028 bytes) Some Tractors and Equipment
12.jpg (141551 bytes) 5hp Challenge
13.jpg (206142 bytes) Letz Burr Mill
14.jpg (109428 bytes) IH M
15.jpg (200700 bytes)16.jpg (120819 bytes) US Wind Engine Burr Mill


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