DuPage County Fair- Wheaton, IL - 2005

Photos taken August  July 27-31, 2005

The following are some of the engines that were on display at this year's fair.


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01.jpg (201138 bytes) Majestic 2hp with Majestic Cement Mixer
02.jpg (201669 bytes) Fuller & Johnson 2 1/4hp with Viking Water Pump
03.jpg (186712 bytes)04.jpg (215780 bytes)05.jpg (197496 bytes) Hand Corn Sheller Display
08.jpg (174570 bytes) Challenge 8hp
14.jpg (203901 bytes) Appleton 3hp running Appleton #3 Price Grinder / Burn Mill.
15.jpg (170504 bytes) Appleton 4hp running Appleton #3 Price Grinder / Burn Mill.  (ran mill much better)
16.jpg (162737 bytes)17.jpg (170490 bytes) Challenge 5hp Saw Rig
18.jpg (184320 bytes) Challenge 3hp, John Deere 1 1/2hp
19.jpg (170647 bytes) Challenge 2hp running Challenge Dandy Corn Sheller
20.jpg (164240 bytes) Challenge 1 1/2hp Dishpan running Challenge Corn Burr Mill
21.jpg (160801 bytes) Challenge 4hp Hourglass running Appleton Grinder
06.jpg (215410 bytes)07.jpg (196563 bytes) Display shots
22.jpg (128189 bytes)30.jpg (105071 bytes)

23.jpg (102442 bytes)24.jpg (136598 bytes)25.jpg (137891 bytes)

26.jpg (136502 bytes)27.jpg (106385 bytes)28.jpg (100064 bytes)

29.jpg (109058 bytes)31.jpg (91693 bytes)32.jpg (137813 bytes)

Minneapolis Steam Threshing Display
33.jpg (151882 bytes) Engine Crew (l to r):

Steve Barr, Dan Rhodes, Jim Nass, Robert Barr

41.jpg (74658 bytes)


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