Mid America Windmill Museum - Kendallville, IN 

2nd Annual Engine Show

Photos taken October 2 - 2004


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The following are some of the engines and other items that were on display at this year's show.


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05.JPG (104199 bytes)03.JPG (88927 bytes)02.JPG (100458 bytes) Post Windmill
01.JPG (110567 bytes) View from the Post Windmill.
22.JPG (93897 bytes) Samson Windmill - built by Stover in Freeport, IL
31.JPG (112610 bytes)32.JPG (115767 bytes)

33.JPG (108471 bytes)04.JPG (91699 bytes)

Some of the 50 + windmills on display at the museum.
06.JPG (175113 bytes)07.JPG (76830 bytes) 14hp Imperial (Waterloo Built)
08.JPG (168408 bytes) Trailer of Engines
09.JPG (174203 bytes) Maytags
10.JPG (107548 bytes) Truck of engines for sale
11.JPG (193013 bytes)12.JPG (149368 bytes) Chicago Water Motor - used city water pressure to drive a flat belt.
13.JPG (123134 bytes) Rock Island
14.JPG (128311 bytes) Fairbanks Morse 2hp
15.JPG (145275 bytes) Alamo
16.JPG (128167 bytes) Alamo
17.JPG (120561 bytes) Rock Island
19.JPG (189392 bytes) Stover
20.JPG (161418 bytes) Woodpecker
21.JPG (143333 bytes) Trailer of engines
23.JPG (130662 bytes)28.JPG (128618 bytes)

24.JPG (94691 bytes)25.JPG (79754 bytes)

26.JPG (88499 bytes)27.JPG (103039 bytes)

Flint & Walling 1 1/2hp
30.JPG (142566 bytes) Appleton Info
34.JPG (101635 bytes)35.JPG (107261 bytes) 1hp Perkins
36.JPG (126871 bytes)38.JPG (123751 bytes)

37.JPG (141928 bytes)41.JPG (108298 bytes)

39.JPG (132191 bytes)40.JPG (122715 bytes)

Reliable Machine Company - Anderson IN
42.JPG (177229 bytes) Maytags
43.JPG (183749 bytes) Trailer of engines
44.JPG (163723 bytes) Waterloo & Sandow
45.JPG (51669 bytes) Waterloo Decal with engine on it.


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