Plagman Barn, IA - 2003

Photos taken September 20 - 2003

The following are just a few of the engines that were on display at this year's show.

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37.JPG (39759 bytes) John Deere single row corn picker
38.JPG (48169 bytes)39.JPG (58400 bytes)

42.JPG (51644 bytes)

Dain Hay Press
40.JPG (37738 bytes)41.JPG (52308 bytes)

43.JPG (45209 bytes)

44.JPG (39467 bytes)45.JPG (37507 bytes)

Massey Harris Tractor running Corn Shredding Display
46.JPG (25529 bytes) Equipment awaiting work
47.JPG (54738 bytes) Looking over an engine
48.JPG (27756 bytes)49.JPG (24947 bytes) Alamo Engine
50.JPG (53984 bytes)51.JPG (24858 bytes)

52.JPG (43833 bytes)

Stover Stone Crusher
53.JPG (59136 bytes)54.JPG (32187 bytes) D270 Allis Chalmers
55.JPG (47847 bytes)56.JPG (49591 bytes) Trailer of Engines
57.JPG (51155 bytes) Trailer of Engines


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