On January 21, 2004 I assisted a friend in removing a steam engine from a building in Chicago.  The engine had been used to run fans used in the heating of the building.  The engine had been removed from its base and mounted on custom dolly wheels to move it thru the basement of the building to the boiler house where it could be lifted up and out thru an access door.  The engine has been removed from service several years ago.


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01.jpg (429369 bytes) Removing old gas line.
02.jpg (412811 bytes) Rigging the engine
03.jpg (95030 bytes) Rigging the engine
04.jpg (426292 bytes)05.jpg (433775 bytes)06.jpg (432639 bytes) Lifting the Engine
07.jpg (442722 bytes)08.jpg (446588 bytes)10.jpg (429260 bytes) Engine headed up and out the door
09.jpg (456958 bytes) Swinging the engine out the door.
12.jpg (479794 bytes) Engine is out
13.jpg (108009 bytes)  
15.jpg (117970 bytes)16.jpg (125712 bytes) Lifting the flywheel
18.jpg (424076 bytes) Lifting the crankshaft
19.jpg (491023 bytes) Ready to leave



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