Other People's Engines

Fairbanks Morse 2hp with High Pressure Pump and Wood Tank.

This engine has been outside for years as yard art.  It has a heavy coat of paint on it.  My observations on 10/24/04 when I looked at it.  The piston is free, but we didn't move it as the pushrod is stuck with paint along with both valves being stuck.  The mag gear teeth are partially stripped.  there is a chain drive missing that drives the tank mixer.  The engine has not run in years.  The wagon wheels rotted away years ago, but it is still on it's original iron rails.

For Sale by Tony  630-231-2599  Asking price is $950, but you can negotiate.

Located in West Chicago, Illinois ~35 miles west of Chicago.  Easy access from I-88 (Ronald Regan Tollway formerly know as the East-West Tollway).

fm1.JPG (249478 bytes)fm1a.jpg (111867 bytes)  
fm2.JPG (202083 bytes)  
fm3.JPG (178402 bytes)fm4.JPG (130872 bytes) Hudson? pump gauge
fm5.JPG (151085 bytes) Teeth are partially stripped on mag gear.
fm6.JPG (182837 bytes) Needs new mag wire
fm7.JPG (109866 bytes) Tag (serial number covered by paint)
fm8.JPG (284837 bytes)