Independent Harvester 

HP: 3

Serial Number: 4030

Year: 1908 - 1912

Sold by Independent Harvester in Plano, Illinois.  Believed to have been built in Rockford, IL by Rockford Engine Works (later known as Emerson Brantingham)

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02.jpg (31870 bytes)07.jpg (31240 bytes) The Engine
06.jpg (31115 bytes) View from back
08.jpg (35889 bytes) Head with spark plug on opposite side of head when compared to Rockford/Emerson Engines.
03.jpg (31518 bytes) Timing Gear
04.jpg (42182 bytes)05.jpg (31794 bytes) Governor parts missing
09.jpg (35663 bytes) Cylinder Patch
10.jpg (35263 bytes) Rocker Arm /Exhaust Valve
12.jpg (29491 bytes) Main Bearing Caps/Oil Wells
11.jpg (22983 bytes) Intake Valve assembly.  Carb is missing
01.jpg (27115 bytes) Crank Guard with tag
tag.jpg (32998 bytes) Engine Tag



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