Hercules Powered  O&S "Orr & Sembower" Cement Mixer

Year: 1925

HP: 3 1/2

Type: S

RPM: 475

This engine was purchased used by my Great Grandfather in the early 1940's.  It was used for many jobs on the farm and was even used to build the house (pictures 5 & 9) in Pennsylvania.  My father and I were able to acquire it over the Thanksgiving 2001 holiday weekend.  The Engine House is in fair shape and will take some replacement angle iron to shore it up.  We removed the engine house for transport since there only was one bolt left holding it on.  The engine has excellent compression (after a little oil), but has not been run in the past 10 years.  After removing the house, It was discovered that the off side Flywheel has stripped it's keyway and such we will not run it until we can remove the engine from the mixer and can get that fixed.  The mag is in rough shape and will need to be rebuilt.  The bearings also appear to be in a very used state.  Once we get this torn down, we will see what parts need replaced and give it a proper restoration.  I plan on documenting this on this page.


Mixer as Acquired:

1. Hercules01.jpg (62367 bytes) The load that we took back home.  Included 2 David Bradley Tractors with two implements and the Cement Mixer.
2. Hercules02.jpg (61516 bytes) View of the Cement Mixer with the Engine House
3. Hercules03.jpg (52041 bytes) View of the Tub
4. Hercules04.jpg (62010 bytes) View of the House
5. Hercules05.jpg (43231 bytes) Engine in the house.
6. Hercules06.jpg (33227 bytes) Engine still has the original decal on one side.
7. Hercules07.jpg (42485 bytes) View from other side.
8. Hercules08.jpg (44361 bytes) Engine after removing the engine house for hauling home.
9. Hercules09.jpg (45916 bytes) Another view of the engine.
10. Hercules10.jpg (56050 bytes) Yet another view.
11. Hercules11.jpg (63869 bytes)Hercules12.jpg (50662 bytes) Engine Tag under layers of grease
12. Hercules13.jpg (44268 bytes) Orr & Sembower - Reading, PA


12/15/01 - Removed Engine from Cement Mixer.  Removed Gear drive from end of Crankshaft.  Flywheel pulled  off without any tools due to Cracks and a shot keyway on the flywheel.  See pictures below.  I have located a pair of good flywheels and should pick them up in a week or two.

I think that the engine was run for sometime in this condition in the past.  I believe that the reason it was not noticed was that the flywheel was not seen  that well while the "house" was over it.  Also, the vibration from driving the cement drum on a direct gear may have caused addition problems.

Enginewithflywheeloff.jpg (41677 bytes) Engine with the flywheel off.  A Hercules decal was located on the off side as well.
FlywheelKey1.jpg (43879 bytes)FlywheelKey2.jpg (42728 bytes) Damage to the key due to cracks in the Flywheel and the flywheel Keyway breaking free.
CrankShaft.jpg (34450 bytes)CrankShaft2.jpg (33810 bytes) Worn Keyway on Crank Shaft
Hubbeforecleaning2.jpg (64004 bytes)Hubbeforecleaning1.jpg (44376 bytes) Flywheel Hub before Cleaning.  Note: One Edge of the Flywheel Keyway is Still "intact".
Crack1Innerside1.jpg (50518 bytes)Crack1Innerside2.jpg (46003 bytes)


Crack 1 - Engine Side of Flywheel
Crack1Outside1.jpg (35327 bytes)Crack1Outside2.jpg (39005 bytes)Crack1Outside3.jpg (50297 bytes) Crack 1 - Outside Side of Flywheel
Crack2Innerside1.jpg (47253 bytes) Crack 2 - Engine Side of Flywheel
Crack2Outside1.jpg (55809 bytes)Crack2Outside2.jpg (37295 bytes)Crack2Outside1.jpg (55809 bytes) Crack 2 - Outside Side of Flywheel

Over New Years Eve 2001 and New Year's Day 2002,  We stripped all the parts off of the engine.  Some grease was removed from the protected side of the engine to reveal the original pin striping.  Since the other side of the engine is all rust, we will be striping the rest of this paint off and refinishing the entire engine.

h15.jpg (42789 bytes) Pile of parts
h16.jpg (45542 bytes) The base
h01.jpg (38787 bytes)h02.jpg (41629 bytes)h03.jpg (54068 bytes) Wrench - How long has this been there?  I did notice that the bracket shown appears to have been brazed.  Will take photos after the part is cleaned.
h04.jpg (48172 bytes)h05.jpg (43755 bytes) Hopper and Cylinder Pin Striping
h06.jpg (40401 bytes)h07.jpg (38453 bytes) Base Pin Striping
h08.jpg (38913 bytes)h09.jpg (46614 bytes) Original Decal
h11.jpg (35177 bytes)h12.jpg (25366 bytes)

h13.jpg (32762 bytes)h14.jpg (33032 bytes)

Crank guard with pin striping
castdate1.jpg (25526 bytes)castdate2.jpg (43889 bytes)castdate3.jpg (39294 bytes) Casting Date Found on Off Side of Engine Block - 7-22-25




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