Avery 8-16 Tractor Project

I made my first mistake at the sale by not purchasing the heads for the engine.  I am still trying to track them down.  One Bull Gear is missing along with other parts that have yet to be be determined.  Radiator is also gone.  This tractor had done a lot of field work as the gears were very worn.  A note in 1930 was requesting price on a bull gear.  For $6, I guess they passed on the new gear.


Now to locate the rest of the parts and .....

Click Here to see the Parts that I do have (added 6/19/07)


Some parts (photos blurry) - Stupid Me did not purchase the heads for the Engine... What was I thinking?????
Engine (photos blurry)

Avery Frame (photos blurry)
Avery 2 bottom plow (photos blurry)
Load arriving at a friends place

Engine in rough condition

Avery 2 bottom plow

Eli Engine - sold at the same sale  
Eli 4hp with factory spark plug ignition (paperwork from factory was found on site)  New owner is standing behind it.

Detail Shots of the Eli


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