Gade Air Cooled Engine

HP: 1 1/2

Serial Number: 2279

Type: C


Built in Iowa Falls, Iowa

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gade4.jpg (37933 bytes) Engine on Original Skids
gade1.jpg (35206 bytes) Pulley Side
gade3.jpg (39045 bytes) Governor Side
gade5.jpg (47803 bytes) Exhaust Ports
gade2.jpg (36564 bytes) Battery Box/Front of engine
gadedetail1.jpg (22349 bytes) Lunkenheimer Mixer
gadedetail2.jpg (27789 bytes) Head Detail
gadedetail3.jpg (46594 bytes) Crank / Governor Detail
gadedetail4.jpg (36802 bytes) Original Battery Box
gadetag.jpg (39233 bytes) Gade Engine Tag on Battery Box



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