Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp Dishpan

Fired by a Battery and High Tension Coil

Serial Number: 580252


My youngest sister is reviving this engine for her small engine 4-H project.

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The Engine

FMDishpan09.jpg 38Kb FMDishpan10.jpg 36Kb FMDishpan08.jpg 33KbFMDishpan01.jpg 39Kb FMDishpan02.jpg 45Kb FMDishpan03.jpg 42Kb


FMDishpan11.jpg 38Kb FMDishpan12.jpg 28Kb FMDishpan13.jpg 36Kb  Cylinder bore looks pretty good.


FMDishpan04.jpg 32Kb FMDishpan05.jpg 35Kb FMDishpan06.jpg 30Kb FMDishpan07.jpg 42Kb Parts that came with the engine.


FMDishpan14.jpg 46Kb FMDishpan15.jpg 38Kb FMDishpan16.jpg 42Kb

 FMDishpan17.jpg 35Kb FMDishpan18.jpg 37Kb Engine was missing the Battery Box.  An old original was provided by Keith Kinney and a Neighbor made a reproduction off of it.  It will work just fine for this engine.


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