Taylor Vacuum vs. Challenge Engine Comparison

On this page, I am comparing a 2hp Type C Taylor Vacuum Engine with the 2hp Challenge Dishpan engine.  There are so many similar features (especially when comparing the Type B Taylor engine) that leads to some questions as to the relation between the two companies.  Any Thoughts?

Check out Denis Rouleu's different Taylor Engines at: http://members.tripod.com/~buzzcoil/index-48.html 

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tv1.jpg (41944 bytes)ch1.jpg (36682 bytes)  View from Mag Side
tv2.jpg (35690 bytes)ch2.jpg (34419 bytes)  View from Back
tv3.jpg (35459 bytes)ch3.jpg (30405 bytes)  View from Front
tv4.jpg (35533 bytes)ch4.jpg (35029 bytes)  Overhead Shot
tv5.jpg (44881 bytes)ch5.jpg (42633 bytes)  Crank Detail
tv6.jpg (45672 bytes)ch6.jpg (39483 bytes)  Governor Detail



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