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MyersPumps.jpg 23Kb Meyers Pump Envelope
BrokawMyersPumps.jpg 27Kb A Meyers Pump Dealer Envelope
FMLetterandEnv.jpg 80Kb Fairbanks Morse Correspondence 1887
KeystoneChopper.jpg 24Kb Keystone Corn Chopper - J. W. Long - Durham, PA 
WesternGasEngine.jpg 28Kb Western Gas Engine - Los Angles CA - 1907
GreatLakesDredge.jpg 33Kb Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company - Chicago, IL

15 Yard Diesel Electric Built 1926

NewBerlinTractor.jpg 33Kb The NB Tractor - 1920

The New Britain Machine Company - New Britain, CONN

GearEnvFront.jpg 29Kb GearEnvBack.jpg 21Kb   Merkle - Korff Gear Company - Chicago, IL - 1937
DrillRig1.jpg 25Kb Kohl Brothers Drilling - Harrisburg, PA - 1943
BessemerRepair1.jpg 81Kb BessemerRepair2.jpg 62Kb Two Oil Well Service Repair Bills for the Clear Fork Oil Company - Bessemer Engine on the letter head - 1903
OilStockFront.jpg 172Kb OilStockBack.jpg 119Kb Clear Fork Oil Company Stock Certificate
LansingLetter.jpg 103Kb Lansing Company Correspondence

lansing7.jpg 61Kb Lansing Company Sales Packet includes the following Items from 1916
lansing8.jpg 101Kb Lansing Company Correspondence
lansing6.jpg 68Kb Lansing Company Testimonials
lansing5.jpg 40Kb Lansing Company Cement Mixer Brochure
lansing4.jpg 92Kb  Cement Mixers, Hoists using Bull Dog, Ideal, or Novo Engine and requested by customer
lansing3.jpg 94Kb Two more Mortar Mixers and Platform Elevator
lansing2.jpg 96Kb More Power Mixers
  lansing1.jpg 99Kb Last two mixers in Brochure


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