Rope Makers


We enjoy making ropes at some engine shows and fairs.  Below are some of our rope makers.


EconomyRope1.JPG (49489 bytes)EconomyRope2.JPG (49492 bytes)

EconomyRope3.JPG (49669 bytes)EconomyRope4.JPG (47926 bytes)

4 Hook

Economy Rope Machine

Kansas City, MO

  4 Hook


NewEraRope1.JPG (57935 bytes)NewEraRope2.JPG (52907 bytes)

NewEraRope3.JPG (56400 bytes)NewEraRope4.JPG (57873 bytes)

3 Hook

New Era Rope Machine

AD Long - Fairfield, IA

  3 Hook

New Era Rope Machine

Minneapolis, MN



Weighted Pulley Setup #1  
RopePulley1.JPG (102857 bytes)RopePulley2.JPG (118753 bytes)

RopePulley3.JPG (109642 bytes)

Built out of scrap.  Needs some minor refinement, but saves a person holding the spinner and worked well.

Need to change the cable from coated cable to plain cable.  Orange weight is ~45 lbs.  The weight that pulls up as the rope twists is ~12 lbs.

GMrope1.JPG (146097 bytes)GMrope2.JPG (159200 bytes)

GMrope3.JPG (111731 bytes)GMrope4.JPG (165964 bytes)

GMrope5.JPG (169509 bytes)GMrope6.JPG (111286 bytes)

Gene Miller's setup


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