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These are some of my Father's Farm Equipment Related Toys...

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1953 International Farmall H as purchased in Iowa in October 2000.  The trailer that was rented for the job was too narrow to allow for proper loading.  We hauled it this way for 40 miles until we found a home improvement store.  We purchased ~900 pounds of concrete landscape blocks and used it as ballast on the front of the trailer.  Hauled the last 140 miles without any problems.

FarmallHa.jpg 41Kb FarmallHb.jpg 42Kb FarmallHc.jpg 40Kb

Moving some of the 40 inches of snow that we received in December 2000.  The Blade was included, but needed some modification to connect to the loader brackets.

FarmallHsnowa.jpg 53Kb FarmallHsnowb.jpg 49Kb FarmallHsnowc.jpg 38Kb FarmallHsnowd.jpg 40Kb FarmallHsnowe.jpg 47Kb


1939 Allis Chalmers B - on Trailer May 11, 2001.  Loaded the Tractor just before the sun set.  Photos are a little on the dark side.  The haul home (~70 miles) was uneventful with my new trailer.

allisbontrailer1.jpg 27Kb allisbontrailer2.jpg 23Kb allisbontrailer3.jpg 21Kb

Tractor is shown the next day with Blue sky and green grass.

allisb1.jpg 65Kb allisb2.jpg 70Kb allisb3.jpg 71Kb

Here are some close up detail shots of the Hydraulic Conversion that was done before he purchased the Tractor.
Allis1.jpg (31861 bytes)Allis2.jpg (34708 bytes) Lifting Cylinder and Bracket
Allis3.jpg (27459 bytes) Lifting Cylinder and Bracket with more of the tractor
Allis6.jpg (33545 bytes) Hydraulic Pump 
Allis4.jpg (29497 bytes) Hydraulic Controls




Witte Type B 2 hp - Given to my father for Christmas 2000.

wittetag.jpg 34Kb WitteEnginea.jpg 34Kb WitteEngineb.jpg 41Kb WitteEnginec.jpg 38Kb WitteEngined.jpg 37Kb   

Original Battery and Model T (Buzz) Coil  Type Ignition connections on the Witte.

WitteEngineTripa.jpg 42Kb WitteEngineTripb.jpg 36Kb WitteEngineTripc.jpg 28Kb 

1927 Jaeger 3hp (Hercules)

49jaeger3hp500.jpg 60Kb 

As purchased at the auction.  I had it running the next day.  More photos to follow.


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