Some of my Diecast Construction Models


Model Display Change Out Dec 29-30, 2007 I packed away the O&K Models and got the rest of my Mammoet models out.  I have several more still in the box that have not made an appearance.

I am looking for the following Mammoet Factory Made Models: 

Liebherr 1055 Crane, Faun Truck & 6 axle Low Loader, Man 8x4 Tractor.

Models before packing
The Only Lattice Crane that I have setup due to height.
Some of the 100+ fire Trucks in my Collection.
Misc Models
Grove 75s with Severe Wheel Melt.  Was paper decaled for Gleason Crane back in the early 1980's.
Barber Green Paver made by Hansen
The cranes have moved to bottom shelf (prior to adding several more cranes)


Mammoet Trucks
and several more that came out of their boxes.

Full Lineup
Cranes on Display Feb 2006  
Most of my Truck Cranes (no space for Large Crawler Cranes)
Small Rough Terrain Cranes on top shelf

Old Conrad /NZG Cranes, Fire Dept Construction Equip

Mammoet Cranes on third shelf

Other Truck Cranes
Other Truck Cranes
Other Truck Cranes
Other Truck Cranes

Iowa models on shelf

Quality Crane - Chicago area based crane company.  Made by TWH Factory Paint and special box with photo of real crane.
Dec 30, 2006 - After having the cranes out for 11 months, it was  determined to box many of them up and put other models on display  
US Based Cranes: Anthony, Steffy, Quality
Iowa and Mammoet Models
Fire Models
Mammoet Pete with MG Tank Load
Mammoet SPMT with NZG National Compactor (Scale mismatch, but looks neat)
O&K SH 400 Bucket Excavators
O&K Graders, Cranes, Artic Dump
O&K Excavators
O&K Excavators and Loaders
O&K Loaders and Front Shovels


col4.jpg (77862 bytes) Display Case Shelf 1
col3.jpg (85748 bytes) Display Case Shelf 2
col2.jpg (84147 bytes) Display Case Shelf 3
col1.jpg (84517 bytes) Display Case Shelf 4
koeringa.jpg (184087 bytes)koeringb.jpg (168354 bytes) Shelf before moving models around
dc_01.jpg (141359 bytes) Crane shelf rearranged
dc_02.jpg (140492 bytes)  
dc_03.jpg (138222 bytes)  
dc_05.jpg (108767 bytes) Gleason P&H, O&K TH40
dc_06.jpg (122689 bytes) Gleason P&H
dc_07.jpg (134384 bytes) Sparrows and Auto Wilden Cranes
dc_04.jpg (133217 bytes) Misc Truck and dozer shelf

"Thompson Teaming" Diamond T with GE Transformer Load.  Model appears to be either an old kit or a home built model.  Has 6 wheels on each trailer axle.  Model is made from wood.
Some other Models  
hartparr1.jpg (125012 bytes)hartparr2.jpg (116998 bytes)hartparr3.jpg (122501 bytes) Scratch Built Hart Parr
toys1.jpg (118209 bytes) Some of my 4wd Tractors
toys2.jpg (96179 bytes) International Model Engine by Ebersol
toys3.jpg (82424 bytes) Heider/Rock Island
toys4.jpg (97006 bytes) John Deere 435
toys5.jpg (95356 bytes) C&M John Deere4020
toys6.jpg (90932 bytes) Huber Tractor by D. Yoder
toys7.jpg (34625 bytes) Case Thresher by TJ Vintage and Case Steam Engine 1/16 Scale
displaycase.jpg (60492 bytes) Fire Display Case




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