Draglines in Central IL


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AtlasCopcoDrillROCD7a.jpg (79156 bytes)AtlasCopcoDrillROCD7b.jpg (76345 bytes) Atlas Copco Rock Drill
CatLoader.jpg (91872 bytes) Cat Loader
Dragline01.jpg (55005 bytes)Dragline03.jpg (65814 bytes)Dragline04.jpg (81163 bytes)

Dragline05.jpg (73241 bytes)Dragline06.jpg (72601 bytes)Dragline07.jpg (63168 bytes)

Marion 7400 Dragline
Dragline02.jpg (57574 bytes) Bucyrus 5w Dragline in the distance
Dragline10.jpg (93001 bytes)Dragline11.jpg (92478 bytes)Dragline12.jpg (88922 bytes) Bucyrus 5w Dragline
Dragline08.jpg (90116 bytes)Dragline09.jpg (88446 bytes) Abandoned Dragline
EuclidR12a.jpg (92197 bytes)EuclidR12b.jpg (97000 bytes) Euclid R12
KomatsuD155ax.jpg (81064 bytes) Komatsu D155 AX
ArizonaLima1.JPG (42622 bytes)ArizonaLima2.JPG (42839 bytes)ArizonaLima3.JPG (39487 bytes) Lima Truck Crane built by Arizona and sold at an auction
ArizonaLinkBelt1.JPG (57245 bytes)ArizonaLinkBelt2.JPG (54218 bytes) Link Belt Crane built by Arizona and sold at an auction


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