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grove1.jpg (71167 bytes)grove2.jpg (87090 bytes) Grove Crane along Illinois Rt 53 

(second photo is part of the first one, but cropped)

Building Condo's (12/6/2005)

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Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI

Demag 12600 Crane

3_8_05.jpg (77238 bytes) Liebherr Tower Cranes in Schaumburg
dec12_06.jpg (70399 bytes) Crane in Schaumburg


4_07_11.jpg (119843 bytes)4_07_12.jpg (125185 bytes) Crane & Ballast Truck in Schaumburg


area01.jpg (61850 bytes)area23.jpg (57023 bytes)

area13.jpg (97191 bytes)area17.jpg (103056 bytes)

Liebherr Crane - Area Erectors - on site in Lisle, IL (photos taken 12/10/05)
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More of the Liebherr
area15.jpg (103721 bytes)area16.jpg (128111 bytes)area18.jpg (90784 bytes)

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More of the Liebherr

Cattani Crane Rental - Liebherr Setting Wall Pannels at Lake Street & Swift Rd - Feb 2007

Gatwood Crane - Grove TM9120 setting steel beams on roof of the Willy Wonka Candy Factory - Itasca, IL.  3/12/07

Kinser Crane Service - Liebherr 6 axle Crane setting pre cast parking deck /storm water retention concrete pieces.  Irving Park Rd & Medinah Rd - Medinah, IL. Photos taken 4/30/07

05/01/07 - More of the above installing the StormTrap System.  This time I got several of the trucks hauling the loads in for the job.

Evening of 05/01/07 the crane had been moved for final work the next day.


2 of the 3 Support trailers for the 2002 Liebherr 1250/1

Stackable Base Plates


Progress as of Evening of 05/01/07


Kohsing - Just outside of Columbus, Ohio
Testing camera on road trip


Quality Crane - Grove 3055 - Itasca, IL.  Was used the next day to set an Air Products tank.
M2250 Crane in Chicago - photos sent to me by Equipguy (DHS Diecast forum)

Photos Taken  Dec 2007

Gatwood Liebherr LTM 1250 setting Concrete Piers in New Construction.  Downtown Downers Grove.  Photos Taken morning of 1/4/2008.  Photos were taken in a Hurry on the way to work...More photos to follow...Hopefully.


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