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I am looking for more pages like this.  If you have a catalog that is not listed below, please contact me and I would be happy to get a photocopy of the original so I can share this information with other Challenge Engine Collectors.

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Catalog 54

54_194.jpg (142377 bytes)54_195.jpg (200842 bytes) Parts Breakdown for 

2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 1/2 hp 

Horizontal Gasoline Engines

54_196.jpg (136469 bytes)54_197.jpg (192804 bytes) Parts Breakdown for 6, 9, 12, 15 hp 

Horizontal Gasoline Engines




Catalog 82

82_222.jpg (179634 bytes)82_223.jpg (201834 bytes) Parts Breakdown for Hourglass Engines s/n 2000-6000
82_224.jpg (192302 bytes)82_225.jpg (209648 bytes) Parts Breakdown for Hourglass Engines s/n 6000-10000
82_226.jpg (187544 bytes)82_227.jpg (222004 bytes) Parts Breakdown for Challenge Gasoline and Kerosene Engines




Catalog 92

92_210.jpg (159388 bytes)92_211.jpg (231140 bytes) Parts Breakdown for 1 1/2hp Dishpan Engines s/n 26000 and up
92_212.jpg (214956 bytes)92_213.jpg (246832 bytes) Parts Breakdown for Challenge Gasoline Engines s/n 20,000 and up


Equipment from various catalogs

Catalog #54  
Horse Powered Feed Mill and Power Combined #20
Horse Powered Feed Mill and Power with Ear Corn Attachment#21
Horse Powered Feed Mill #22
Ear Corn Attachment for #20 Feed Mill
Horse Powered Ear Corn Grinder #19
Challenge Combined Crusher and Grinder No. 5
Challenge Combined Crusher and Grinder No. 5 with Sacking Elevator
Challenge Ear Corn Grinder #33
Dandy 2 hole Corn Sheller with Accessories
Fodder Cutters #9, #11
Fodder Cutters - Belt Powered #10, 12, 14, 16, 18
Challenge Wood Saws #40, 41

 (Many more saws were made, but pages were not scanned from this catalog)

Challenge Lawn Swings
Windmill Packing Box Pump Heads
Pumps No 105, 118, 134, 136
Parts for # 20, 21, 22 Feed Mill and #24 Ear Corn Attachment
Parts for #33 and #34 Grinder
Parts for #19 Sweep Grinder



Catalog #82  
Pump Jacks

No. 6 and No. 10

No. 12 Pump Jack
Parts List for Pump Jacks
Ward Water Pump
Gardner Duplex Pump
Lasure Friction Clutch Pulley
Feed Grinders/Burr  Mills

No. 6, 7, 8 and 10, 12

Scan of Dandy Corn Shellers and Parts List
Wood Saw Frame No. 46
Wood Saw Frame No. 47
Steel Saw Frame No. 61
Steel Saw Frame No. 62
Steel Saw Frame No. 63
Saw Blades
Saw Mandrels
Ensilage Cutters
King Washing Machine
Pump Information
Cistern Pump

Pitcher Pump

Adjustable Base Pump No. 129
Water Pumps

No. 130

No. 131

Water Pumps

No. 132

No. 133

Water Pumps

No. 210

No. 212

Water Pumps

Myer's Regulating Pump

No. 8a

Water Pumps

No. 101

No. 102

Water Pumps

No. 105

No. 106

Water Pumps

No. 115

No. 117

Water Pumps

No. 119

No. 124

Syphon Pumps / Working Heads
Working Heads
Windmill Packing Heads with Brass Cased Rods
City Self Closing Hydrant
Pump Cylinders
Steel Tanks
Shipping Tanks
Round Tanks
Tank with Hog Waterer
Round End Tanks
Round End Oblong Troughs


Catalog # 92  
Pump Jack No. 1 and 1E
Pump Jack No. 6 and 10
Pump Jack No. 12
Pumping Unit No. 15
Pumping Unit No. 5
Challenge Pumping Units (Unites 8-12)
Heavy Duty Pumping Jack
Engine Parts and Sizes
1 1/2hp Dishpan Engine

Stationary Engines 3, 5, 8hp
Kerosene Engines with Throttling Governor
Portable Sawing Outfits

5HP and 8HP

Engine Cart
Pony Mixer Model 5
Portable Cement Mixer (Dishpan Engine)
Hoisting Outfit

No. 1 and 3

Hoisting Outfit

No. 1S and 3S

Hoisting Outfits

No. 2 and 2 1/2

Grease Cups and Essex Oilers
Steel Frame Saw Tilting Table

No. 65

Sliding Table Saw
Combined Crusher & Grinder No. 27
No. 27 with Box Elevator
Grinding Rings
Submarine Tank Heater
Radio Towers
Gravity Tanks for Automatic  Sprinklers
Parts list for:

Pump Jacks


One Hole Corn Sheller

Two Hole Corn Sheller

Parts List for Feed Grinders




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