Morris, IL Auction 

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Held 9-23-2000

Because of the amount of engines sold at this sale, I have broken up the results into 2 pages.  Please see the International engine page for the International Engines.

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auction site.jpg 27Kbauction site 2.jpg 31Kb  Photos of the Auction Site

cushman 8 hp $700.jpg 49Kb Cushman 8 hp $700

cushman model d $300.jpg 60Kb Cushman Model D $300 

fairbanks 10 hp $1200.jpg 49Kb Fairbanks 10 hp $1200

fairbanks 2 hp upright $4000 Photo A.jpg 59Kb fairbanks 2 hp upright decal $4000 Photo B.jpg 27Kb Fairbanks Morse 2 hp Upright $4000

new way 4hp model d $500.jpg 52Kb New Way 4hp Model D $500

new way 6 hp model a $400.jpg 44Kb New Way 6 hp Model A $400

root & vanderoot 1 hp $1200.jpg 40Kb Root & Vanderoot 1 hp $1200

root & vanderoot 2 hp $1100.jpg 35Kb Root & Vanderoot 2 hp $1100

root & vanderoot sideshaft $9000 Photo A.jpg 47Kb root & vanderoot sideshaft $9000 Photo B.jpg 47Kb Root & Vanderoot sideshaft $9000

sandwich 4 hp $3100 Photo A.jpg 51Kb sandwich 4 hp $3100 Photo B.jpg 50Kb Sandwich 4 hp $3100

    Stationary Steam Engines

steam engine $850.jpg 60Kb Unknown Steam Engine $850

o & s steam $875.jpg 58Kb O & S steam Engine $875

climax steam $350.jpg 57Kb Climax Steam Engine $350

erie city steam engine $700.jpg 53Kb Erie City Steam Engine $700



case 12-20 crossmount $7500.jpg 43Kb Case 12-20 Cross Mount Tractor $7500

case 18-32 crossmount $3300.jpg 46Kb Case 18-32 Cross Mount Tractor $3300

case 18-32 crossmount $7600.jpg 38Kb Case 18-32 Cross Mount Tractor $7600

case 22-40 crossmount $9500.jpg 38Kb Case 22-40 Cross Mount Tractor $9500

case sc $700 motor was rebuilt recently and the rear tires w.jpg 46Kb Case SC Tractor (motor was rebuilt recently) $700

john deere d $2000.jpg 45Kb John Deere D Tractor $2000

john deere gpwt $3000.jpg 51Kb John Deere GPWT Tractor $3000

case titan $6250 Photo A.jpg 48Kb case titan $6250 Photo B.jpg 48Kb Titan Tractor $6250


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