Caledonia, WI Auction

Held 10/8/2000

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Aeromoter $1000.jpg 60Kb Aeromoter $1000

Blacksmith Forge $50.jpg 54Kb Blacksmith Forge $50

Briggs Genset $450.jpg 37Kb Briggs Genset $450

Cushman 4hp $850.jpg 47Kb Cushman 4hp $850

Fairbanks Morse $100.jpg 47Kb Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp Dishpan $100 (followed me home)

Faribanks Morse Model D $150.jpg 43Kb Faribanks Morse Model D $150

Fuller Johnson 1 1_2hp with mag $450.jpg 49Kb Fuller Johnson 1 1/2hp with Magneto $450

IH LA $350.jpg 48Kb IH LA $350

IH M Overstrike Ignitor wIH Mag $400.jpg 49Kb IH M Overstrike Igniter,  IH Magneto $400

Ih M Parts Engine wWico  $175.jpg 52Kb Ih M 1 1/2 hp Parts Engine w/Wico Magneto $175

IH M wWico $425.jpg 52Kb IH M 1 1/2 hp w/Wico Magneto $425

John Lawson $650.jpg 53Kb John Lawson 1 1/2 hp $650

John M. Smyth Little Marvel $1450.jpg 53Kb John M. Smyth Little Marvel $1450

Novo $80.jpg 59Kb Novo $80

Novo 3hp Stuck $475.jpg 45Kb Novo 3hp Stuck $475

P & G Dallas Texas $425 Picture 1.jpg 56Kb P & G Dallas Texas $425 Picture 2.jpg 54Kb P & G Dallas Texas 4hp (Nelson Brothers) $425

Rawleigh Schruyer on Origonal Hand Cart $1100.jpg 53Kb Rawleigh Schryer on Original Hand Cart $1100

Sieverkropp $1600.jpg 40Kb Sieverkropp $1600

Unknown Green Engine $40.jpg 54Kb Unknown Green Engine $40 (followed me home)

Sparta Economy 2hp sn 18841 $600.jpg 51Kb Sparta Economy 2hp sn 18841 $600

Stover Duro $675.jpg 51Kb Stover Duro $675

Stover Model A 1hp $280.jpg 45Kb Stover Model A 1hp $280

Stover Model K 1hp $425.jpg 54Kb Stover Model K 1hp $425

Stroud Marine Engine $450.jpg 56Kb Stroud Marine Engine $450

Taylor Vacuum $350.jpg 48Kb Taylor Vacuum 2hp Type C $350

    Small Engines on Trailer

Small Engines Pic 1.jpg 62Kb Small Engines Pic 2.jpg 63Kb Small Engines Pic 3.jpg 58Kb Small Engines Pic 4.jpg 57Kb Small Engines Pic 5.jpg 57Kb  

Engines not pictured directly include: 

Early Economy $250, Early Economy $200 (both missing ignitors)

Maytag Upright $475

Empire Novelty Engine $3100 (not a typo) (you can see the top part of it in the 4th Small Engine Picture on the left side just below someone's elbow).

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