Blue Mound, IL Auction

Held May 5, 2001

Auction conducted by Nixon Auctioneers

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000HandTools.jpg 45Kb Horse Drawn Implements 238minneapolis35_70.jpg 37Kb Minneapolis 35-70
000Wagons.jpg 52KbHorse Drawn Buggies and Wagons 3TractorsHartparr.jpg 45KbHart Parr 28-44 Sold as "A"
2Tractors.jpg 37Kb Row of Tractors 1Tractors.jpg 32Kb More Tractors
6Tractors.jpg 25KbMore Tractors 237oliver88d.jpg 42Kb Oliver Super 88 Diesel
4TractorsTitan.jpg 39Kb IHC Titan 5Tractors.jpg 42KbFordson and Minneapolis Moline "KTA"

6engines.jpg 37Kb Engine Sale Area
43bulldog950.jpg 62Kb Bull Dog 3hp on Trucks $950
44fairbanksmorse3hp500.jpg 63Kb Fairbanks Morse 3hp on Trucks $500
45ihcm1_5hp475.jpg 62Kb IHC "M" 1 1/2hp on Trucks $475
46ihcfamous4hphoriz2750.jpg 60Kb IHC Famous 4hp on Trucks $2750
47hertzelzook1_5hp1600.jpg 59Kb Hertzler Zook 1 1/2hp (Nelson Brothers) $1600
48johndeere1_5hp725.jpg 62Kb John Deere 1 1/2hp on Trucks $725
49jaeger3hp500.jpg 60Kb Jaeger 3 1/2hp Type S $500
50ihctomthumb1250.jpg 62Kb IHC "Tom Thumb" Air Cooled on Trucks $1250
51alphadelaval1_5hp475.jpg 57Kb Alpha DeLaval 1 1/2hp on Trucks $475
52ihc2hpupright1000.jpg 82Kb IHC Famous 2hp Upright $1000
53cushman4hp1050.jpg 58Kb Cushman 4hp on Banjo Trucks $1050
54standardengine1000.jpg 68Kb Standard Cream Separator Engine $1000
55standardtwintractor325.jpg 63Kb Standard Twin Garden Tractor with Disc, Plow, Mower $325
57idealaircooledmodelr450.jpg 78Kb Ideal Model R Air Cooled $450
58idealaircooled450.jpg 77Kb Ideal Air Cooled $450


59fairbanksmorsefx400.jpg 69Kb Fairbanks Morse - FX Empire Special - Milking Machine (pump on back) $400
60stover2hpontruck550.jpg 68Kb Stover 2hp on Wheelbarrow Trucks $550
61cushman8hpontrucks550.jpg 54Kb Cushman 8hp on Trucks $550
62stpver2hpstoverpumpjack2oiler1025.jpg 54Kb 62stpver2hpstoverpumpjack2oiler1025b.jpg 83Kb Stover 2hp - with stover pump jack, Beatrice Pump on Trucks - With Rare 2 oilers - 6 believed to have been produced $1025
63ih3hpupright2200.jpg 79Kb IHC Famous 3hp on Trucks $2200
64Chanticleer7hp7000.jpg 50Kb 64Chanticleer7hp7000b.jpg 57Kb 64Chanticleer7hp7000c.jpg 59Kb Chanticleer 7hp on Trucks $7000
65galloway2_25hp1200.jpg 60Kb Gallowway 2 1/4 hp on Trucks $775
66jacobhaish1_5hp2250.jpg 67Kb 66jacobhaish1_5hp2250b.jpg 65Kb Jacob Haish 1 1/2 hp on Trucks $2250
67galloway1_75aircooled1200.jpg 63Kb Galloway 1 3/4hp Air Cooled on Trucks $1200
68fullerjohnson3_5hp700.jpg 64Kb Fuller Johnson 3 1/2hp NC on Trucks $700
69ihctitanwithpumpjack2700.jpg 60Kb IHC Titan with IHC Pump Jack $2700
70rootvandervoort8hp1700.jpg 53Kb 70rootvandervoort8hp1700b.jpg 38Kb 70rootvandervoort8hp1700c.jpg 59Kb  Root & Vandervoot 8hp on trucks $1700
71stover4hpk675.jpg 56Kb Stover "K" 4hp on Trucks $675
72stoverwithaircompressor675.jpg 50Kb Stover 2 1/2hp with Milwaukee Air Compressor on Trucks $675
73alamo7hpontrailer22000.jpg 43Kb 73alamo7hpontrailer22000b.jpg 56Kb Alamo 7hp on Trailer $22,000
74witte2hp600.jpg 61Kb Witte 2hp Type B on Trucks $600
75jaeger2hp800.jpg 73Kb Jaeger 2hp $800
76stover1_5hp550.jpg 71Kb Stover 1 1/2hp $550
77sandwich6hp2400.jpg 59Kb 77sandwich6hp2400b.jpg 56Kb Sandwich 6hp on Underslung Trucks $2400
78newholland5hp3100.jpg 58Kb New Holland 5hp on Trucks $3100
79associated6muleteam1700.jpg 49Kb 79associated6muleteam1700b.jpg 51Kb Associated 6hp "6 Mule Team" $1700
80faultless575.jpg 62Kb Faultless 1 1/2hp on trucks $575
81galloway1_5_850.jpg 56Kb 81galloway1_5_850b.jpg 38Kb Galloway 1 1/2hp $850
82myrickeclipse4hp800.jpg 78Kb 82myrickeclipse4hp800b.jpg 68Kb 82myrickeclipse4hp800c.jpg 74Kb 82myrickeclipse4hp800d.jpg 64Kb 82MyrickEclipseplumbing.jpg 41Kb Myrick Eclipse 4hp $800
83johndeere1_5_1250.jpg 51Kb John Deere 1 1/2hp on Trucks $1250 (near)

John Deere 1 1/2hp Spark Plug on Trucks $1000 (far)

85mccormickdeering1_5_925.jpg 54Kb McCormick "M" 1 1/2hp on Trucks $925
86emmersonbrantingham1600.jpg 53Kb 86emmersonbrantingham1600b.jpg 63Kb  Emmerson Brantingham 1 1/2hp on Trucks $1600
87bulldog1_5ontrucks2300.jpg 56Kb Bull Dog 1 1/2hp on Trucks $2300
88bulldog2hpheadless2700.jpg 61Kb Bull Dog 2hp Headless on Trucks $2700
89stewartlittlemajor1100.jpg 64Kb Stewart Little Major $1000
90fm18hpontrucks3400.jpg 54Kb 90fm18hpontrucks3400b.jpg 52Kb  Fairbanks Morse 18hp on Trucks $3400
91fullerjohnson7hp500.jpg 55Kb Fuller Johnson 4hp $500
92united2_5hp525.jpg 62Kb United 2 1/2hp $525
93masseyharris2000.jpg 61Kb Massey Harris 2hp Type 2 $2000
94waterlooboy625.jpg 56Kb Waterloo Boy 1 1/2hp $625
95johndeere3hp1300.jpg 49Kb John Deere 3hp $1300
96fm2hpupright1700.jpg 54Kb Fairbanks Morse 2hp Upright $1700
97ihm3hp625.jpg 60Kb McCormick "M" 3hp $625

myload.jpg 43Kb MyTrailer.jpg 50Kb  My Truck and Trailer Ready to Leave
robtimm1.jpg 44Kb robtimm2.jpg 53Kb Rob Timm's Load


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