Personal Collection sold at Greenview, IL Auction

Held December 5, 2009

The selection of items overall was pretty nice with very little junk. 

Auctioneering seemed slow overall and it took almost 1 hour to sell 4 cars (and a table full of $5 car stuff) that should have sold in 15 minutes.   

The large engines sold in 30 minutes....More Talk and Little action.  I personally like it when they sell fast and pull the trigger fast.   

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1929 Crystler $9100 (IL General Assembly Star on Grill sold separate for $200)

Note:  Seems like selling an engine and then taking the oiler off and selling it separately????

1931 Pontiac Convertible $7000
1964 Corvair $3300
IH Truck $6000

Dayton Dynamo  Generator and Panel $125???

Rockford 5hp (Stuck but complete) $13,100

IHC Famous 3hp (missing ignitor) $2500
Economy 2 1/2hp E $825

Leader 3hp (missing pump and had flywheel or crankshaft welded) $325 (Box of unrelated parts went with it)

Lawson Lauton 1 1/2hp $14,800
Olds 1 1/2hp (tag was removed, patina was different in crank guard cover and engine) $4300

Pulley for this engine was on a hay rack and sold for $70 ??

Worthington 1 1/2 $1200
Gray $950
John Deere $725
Fuller & Johnson 2hp NC $400
IH LB $100
IHC 1 1/2hp Famous (Stuck) $1225
John Deere Parts $90
JD LUC $195

Singles: $45-$150

Twins: $65-$165

82: $400 (Sold absentee so add 10%)

Creators Wobble Steam Engine$1200
NOS Lunkenheimer Oilers
Misc (Prices not recorded)  

Engine Related and Primitives

Blacksmith & related Tools

More Blacksmith & Related Tools
Trip Hammer
IHC 4hp Cart Parts
Cart Parts

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