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Sandwich Engines

1 1/4 hp Cub 1 1/2 hp Junior
cub.jpg (43762 bytes)  
1 1/2 hp 2 hp
1_5hpweb.jpg (58829 bytes) 1_5hpwico.jpg (64129 bytes)
2 1/2 hp 4 1/2 hp
2_5hp.jpg (59603 bytes) 4_5hp.jpg (47282 bytes)
Light 6 hp 6 hp
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8 hp 10 hp  
8hp.jpg (48880 bytes) 10hp.jpg (50632 bytes)

Ignition Systems used:

Igniter - Battery & Coil

Igniter - Rotary Mag

Igniter - Wizzard Magneto

Igniter - Webster Magneto

Spark Plug - Wico EK Magneto


Earlier Engines had Tulip Top (raised lip on hopper). 

Later Engines had Shaved Top. (see 4hp for example)

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Pinstriping a Sandwich Engine

Restoration Info:

Paint Code:  Martin Senior #111 (available at Napa Stores)  Also known as Brewster Green

Vinyl Decals available from Bob Ronning at


Serial # Identification Prefixes

AA Cub
A 1 1/2hp or 2hp
B 2 1/2hp or 3hp
C 4hp or 4 1/2hp
D Light 6
E Big 6hp
F 8hp
R 10hp
T Model T upright
V, VB, VL Milking Machines


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