Randall Semeiks in January, 2001

Biographical Information

I am 16 years old, and currently live in Upstate New York (USA). When I'm not in school or at work, (I work for a PA/concert speaker manufacturing company) I try to enjoy a wide variety of hobbies.

Most of my free time is spent on my computer. Until January, 2000 I was using a homebuilt Pentium 100, with 16 megs of ram and a terrible 14 or 15 inch monitor. It got me by, but I wasn't happy with it.
In January, 2000, I was fortunate enough to be able to get a new computer system.


Eventually I would like to convert this system to full SCSI, however right now with IDE devices being as cheap as they are, my money seems to be better spent there.

How did I create this webpage? Well, I've been meaning to try out some of those "Easy" webpage creators like MS Frontpage, but so far I havn't. I learned to write raw HTML from the beginning, and that's what I'm most comfortable with. Most of this HTML was written using PICO on my ISP's telnet/shell machine, over the telnet program that comes with Windows. Some of it was also written in Notepad.

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