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Welcome to my website! Here you can find out about my engines and tractors, as well as other on-topic information.

FMC Upright Engine

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Old Equipment

A collection of old engine/tractor ads I've scanned or found on the web.


A neat chart of everything in my collection at present. Pictures and wavs, too!

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A rather long list of links to other websites related to the engine/tractor hobby.

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See what other people have to say about my webpage. Also, some have told about their collections, which I find quite interesting.

About Me

Find out all about the creator of this webpage.


Take a look at the special tools I have for old iron work.

Contact Methods


E-mail is probably the easiest way to contact me, as I don't have to be online for it to work, unlike the other methods.


My eBay user ID is casevac1.

America Online (AOL)

I am just about always on AOL Instant Messenger with the screen name Case VAC1

The Stationary Engine List is an e-mail list that is dedicated to the restoring and collecting of antique engines. It is much more than an information exchange about engines though. The Stationary Engine List is like a big family, and new members are always welcome!

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