The Dancing Lights Folk Extravaganza at Classic Farmfest '99



Introducing Our Entertainment Showcase
An Aurora Borealis Production

This page will be updated with times of performances as they are made available


MacAoidh [pronounced Mack Eye]
From Deerfield, Michigan. A 4-musician Celtic band, they play music from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, and New England. They perform on many authentic instruments including bouzouki, concertina, fiddle, bodhran, dijeridoo, mandolin, and pennywhistle.

Julie Nager
From Madonna's hometown, Rochester, Michigan. She is an outstanding original singer-songwriter and keyboardist, with a balladeer style similar to Tori Amos and perhaps also Sarah McLaughlan. She was voted the best solo teenage act in Oakland County (Mich.) She is currently working on her first CD.

Brian Lillie
From Ann Arbor, Brian Lillie performs original modern folk music.The Ann Arbor Observer has described his songs as "intricate, beautiful and gutsy musical poems."

Lisa Hunter
Ann Arbor singer-songwriter Lisa Hunter performs a modern folk-pop slightly tinged with country--in a style that's a cross between Alanis Morrissette and Nanci Griffith. Lisa has TWO CD's out.

John Finan
From Canton, Michigan. John Finan recently released a CD called "Observations & Complaints." His country- tinged folk-pop is outstanding and it's some of the best songwriting and vocal talent in the Midwest.

Liz Momblanco
Filipino-American singer-songwriter Liz Momblanco performs in a delicate, pretty folk style similar to Shawn Colvin. Her guitarwork shows Hispanic and Asian influences. She lives in Farmington.

Blake Chen
San Francisco's Blake Chen sounds like Lou Reed, and is an incredible songwriter with depths and great lyrical skill. He has two CD's out--An Immigrant Song, and his recent release, Shadow. He may also be appearing a second time during
the weekend with a band, Blake Chen and the Haunted Hearts.


Keith Parmentier
Country-tinged folk musician with outstanding guitar work and a distinctive, interesting, and pleasant soft singing voice. From Ann Arbor.
Tom and Mary
Upbeat, optimistic folk-pop duo from Lansing. Here's a team of two singer-songwriters who are husband and wife.
Matt Schmitt
Brilliant original poet with music. From Ann Arbor.
Jake Angel
From Royal Oak. Jagged-voiced singer on catchy original
folk-pop music.
Rick Stachura
From Ann Arbor. Poetic singer-songwriter and guitarist performs modern folk music.
Charlie Monterey
From Oakland County, Michigan. Original singer-songwriter with an outstanding, smooth tenor voice.
Geoffrey Esty
Solo guitarist from Ann Arbor. A virtuoso skilled in classical, jazz, blues, rock, and modern styles.
A folk-rock duo. Sabrina Haralson's from Hollywood, Florida, and Geoffrey Esty's from Ann Arbor. They do contemporary folk-rock influenced by Melissa Ethridge and 4 Non Blondes, with a unique use of a classical, nylon-string guitar.
Singer-songwriter Shell has the voice of an angel. Her music is primarily soft, introspective ballads with beautiful melodies and haunting lyrics. She's from Detroit.
Scott Rogers
Singer-songwriter Scott Rogers is from Ann Arbor. He performs original modern folk-rock with 2 backup musicians.
Jen Erb-Downward and Katherine Zwick
Female singer-songwriter duo from Chicago. They also integrate spoken-word, poetic material into their show. They excel at vocal harmonies.
Pedro Luis Martinez
Performance poet and "paper film" producer. He has a show on Ann Arbor's community cable television. He does amazing creative work with his voice, similar to the work of Bobby McFerrin.
Laurel Federbush
Original poet and harp music composer. She uses 3 different harps, including a Celtic harp. She has one published book of poetry and two cassette albums released. She's from Ann Arbor.
Ramble Stone (Steve Shariff with Joe Gingras)
Ramble Stone is Pontiac's singer-guitarist Steve Shariff and guitarist from Hell (Michigan) Joe Gingras. Together they perform smooth, country-influenced folk-pop music. Steve Shariff has a rich, smooth baritone voice with a lilting singing style reminiscent of the lighter-voiced country singer Clay Walker.
Gene Yu
From Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo singer-songwriter Gene Yu performs modern folk-rock with a gentle,
lilting and warm tenor voice.
Ann Arbor's folkloric storyteller Kami, often costumed, tells traditional Old English and
Celtic tales, other folk tales, modern stories, and impromptu tales spun from randomly selected
visual images.
Tim Prosser
Ann Arbor's Tim Prosser, performs pop-rock and "politically incorrect" ballads accompanied by
12-string guitar and mandolin.

This page will be updated with times of performances as they are made available


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