Dave and DJ's Great Weekend (2/26/00)


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We started the day by placing the second axle under the frame we had built about 2 months earlier.
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Having no idea where the we would have to position the axles we secured them to the frame with c-clamps so they could be easily adjusted.
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We then went to get the Galloway from where it had been living since Portland '99.
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The 16 HP Galloway is no match for DJ.
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The Galloway is about to meet the trailer for the first time.
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Dave guides the Galloway into position.
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A little too much tongue weight
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Dave jacks up the trailer in order to adjust the axles.
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Once the axles are in place DJ begins to weld.
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Once the inside welds are complete DJ adjusts the trailer to get the proper angle to weld the outside of the frame to the axle.
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DJ welding the outside of the frame to the axle.
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Same goes for the other side of the trailer
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Dave touched up the burnt paint.
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Finished welding and painting!
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Home safe in the garage.
Tof00001.jpg (77140 bytes) (3/4/00) Once Dave had a chance to hook up the breaks it was time for a test drive. Tof00002.jpg (79548 bytes) (3/4/00) Tof00004.jpg (81172 bytes) (3/4/00) Notice the all-thread securing the timber to the trailer. Tof00005.jpg (75796 bytes)
Now that the Galloway can easily be moved it it time for the work to begin.
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Week of 3/20/00

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The original Lettering

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Work on the skids begin.

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Building the skids

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The finished skids


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Some pinstripping left on the flywheel

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Removing the flywheel and crank the easy way!

Putting the 16 HP Galloway on the Trailer (June 10th, 2000)
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Teb Brookover working his Magic. Thanks Ted!
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The Galloway clutch pulley

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