The Wercking Crew takes on the Tod
On Dec.18th and 19th, 1996, the Wrecking Crew (Arnie Fero, Matt Picaro, Craig Prucha, DJ Rotigel, and Dave Rotigel) worked with the crew foreman (Rick Rowlands) in Youngstown OH to help dismantle the 4,000 HP Tod steam engine. Our main job those two days was to remove the twenty-four 5 3/4" nuts that secure the flywheel. Rick assigned each crew member their own nuts. What follows are pictures of us getting our nuts off (and helping each other getting their's off as well.) We really enjoyed the experience, and will return on Jan. 4th and 5th, and also on Jan. 8th and 9th for more fun!

Tod Engine Project Photos

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    A Tod Blowing Engine (not our Tod)