Tod Engine Specifications
Designation: 34" x 68" x 60" cross compound condensing engine
High Pressure cylinder: 34" bore
Low pressure cylinder: 68" bore
Stroke: 60"
Horsepower at 75 rpm, 160 psi : 4,000
Overall size: 26' 10" x 46' 8.5"
Estimated weight 400,000 lbs.
Flywheel: 20' diameter, 150,000 lbs. including hubs
Machine operated: 24" 6 stand merchant mill. Produced sheet bar, small shapes, bars and seamless tube rounds.
Main bearing diameter: 23"
Governor: 8' diameter centrifugal governor controlled cutoff on HP intake valve
Valve Gear: HP side, dual piston valves; LP side, corliss with two wrist plates.
Exhaust: Crane barometric condenser

Tod Engine Project Photos

Tod Engine Project

The Tod 34" x 68" x 60" cross compound steam engine was donated by North Star Steel Ohio in April, 1996 to the Jeannette Blast Furnace Preservation Association, Inc., 1941 Wick Campbell Road, Hubbard, Ohio 44425, (330) 719-3233. The engine is being dismantled by volunteers and is funded entirely by donations from interested individuals and companies. Our plans are to re-erect the engine, restore it to operating condition and operate it on special occasions.

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Send your check to:
1941 Wick Campbell Road
Hubbard, OH

Besides being a little part of history, you will also receive the JBFPA Newsletter, so be sure to include your address. Rick Rowlands, the Project Director, can be contacted directly at or by phone at (330)719-3233.