Daniel's Villiers

My name is Daniel Kitto. I live at Naracoorte in South Australia, Australia. I am 14 years old and I am beginning restoring old engines. Dad and I belong to the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club. I can be contacted at Dad's (Steve) email address at kittosn@rbm.com.au

I am restoring a Colwood Rotary Tiller. This is a small Villiers powered English made garden tiller which was given to me by a friend. It has a few parts missing but we know where we can get some bits and pieces. I bought 2 motors at the recent Naracoorte Swap Meet for A$10 each.

The pictures are of Mark 10 Villiers Engines.

Here is a Mark 10 Villiers motor with the cowl removed. Both the English and Australian made are near to identical.

Here is the Australian made motor. This is a Mark 10. It was a common motor used in many applications on Australian farms. This one is now ready for repainting.

Here is the English made motor. This is the one that I am doing up for the Rotary Tiller. It has now been stripped and rebuilt ready for its final paint job.

Click here to see Daniel standing alongside his restored Australian Made Villiers with injured hand from playing Australian Rules Football. And here is another view.

Here is a close up of Villiers Mk 10 - made in Ballarat Victoria Australia, and Here is another one.

With dad (Steve) in our workshop / Car Garage. We don't work in our "Sunday Best" but we had not long come home from Church. Dad is the Pastor. We just posed for the picture so that you can see what we look like.
Daniel and Steve Steven Kitto