Brad Soward

10.jpg (62238 bytes) Poor little truck! Taken during a lunch stop about half way home on the day I picked up my 10 HP M Type. 9.jpg (49965 bytes) That is me standing beside the 10 HP M Type
5.jpg (85248 bytes)  My 5 HP Lister L Type (1924) at a small country show (October 1999) 8.jpg (53349 bytes) The International M Type, with the Lister L in the background.
7.jpg (53292 bytes)  3.jpg (52893 bytes) Our relatively new fire station with our 2 tankers parked inside. The Isuzu is on the left and the Category 3 Bedford 2 wheel drive is on the right. I put a lot of time into the design and building of this place.
4.jpg (63736 bytes) Our Category One Brush Fire Tanker, for which I helped to design the special body. It is based on a 1986 diesel powered Isuzu 4 wheel drive cab/chassis and weighs a bit over 13 tonnes loaded. 6.jpg (56823 bytes) The 10 HP M Type fuel tank next to my 1.5 HP M Type.
2.jpg (49804 bytes) Our new house on the outskirts of Nimbin. 1.jpg (43101 bytes) The view from our property looking north.