Jim Mackessy's New Toy

February 19, 1999 additions!

February 16, 1999 additions!

The Corliss valve gear - looking from the head towards crank end of engine (south), along the side of the cylinder.

Head end lubricator - showing the side of the cylinder and head end valves, facing west.

The builder's plate - on the west side of the cylinder looking east. The built date is 1918.

The governor and flywheel - looking to the southeast.

The crosshead guide - looking into the engine facing southeast.

The head end - looking north along the west side of the engine.

The crankcase - on the west side of the engine looking east. The end of the crankshaft and the crank can be seen.

The crankcase looking down - showing the crankpin and connecting rod end.

The flywheel and the alternator - looking east from the crank end of the engine. The flywheel is approximately 11 feet diameter.

The engine looking south - from the head end of the engine towards the flywheel.

Click here to see a picture of Jim and Steve Knobloch (on the right), tired but happy.

Click here to see the wheelpit forms in place.

Click here to see how much rebar was used on this project.

Click here to see the rod just after removal.

Click here to see Jim making a last-minute sneak to recover an oil strainer from the floor pits.


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