Mick DeMaria's Delco-Light Light Plant

Delco-Light Light Plant
Model Number - 600
Serial Number - 160067
Owner - Mick DeMaria, Rockfall , CT

The Delco Plant pictured was found in a ditch in Berlin CT sometime in the mid-seventies. It then sat in my shed for several years before being brought back to life this winter.

This is a pretty typical Delco Light Plant. They were often used on farms, homes and camps before rural electrification. With 16, lead / acid cells in tall, square glass jars you would have a battery bank to supply 32 volts dc to the home. You could get 28, 30, and 32 volt light bulbs, which had ordinary screw in bases. The voltage for the bulb depended upon how far from the light plant and battery bank were from the bulb. They generally burned either Distillate or Kerosene, after being started with gasoline.

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Below are pictures of Mick's Blue Diamond generator. It has a broken crank and stuck piston, looks like someone ran it out of oil. If you have any information about this Blue Diamond generator Mick would love to hear anything and everything you may know. You can email Mick at bmvid@snet.net