Alan's Friend's Unknown Engine

If you happen to know what kind of an engine this is, or you have any information on this engine please email Alan at

the brass tag on the engine says:

Gibbens - Finney - Gordon Company
New Orleans, LA USA
number 23443

That is all it says on the tag. He wants to know, about the ignition system. the spark plug was missing as well as the rest of the ignition system. He says there seems to be a mechanism for advancing or retarding the spark but no wires or points, that is the vertical rod in the picture that is behind the flywheel and is gear driven from it. the spark plug hole is very big, almost bigger than a standard spark plug. So he will have to rebuild or aquire a new ignition system , or do you have any suggestions.

Also what should he do to start rebuilding it? I don't think he wants to go so far as to rebabbit or bore the cylinder. Any other information on this engine, as in its purpose and method of starting, would be appreciated. There is a carburetor on it with a float bowl.. Its a Holley model NH. Do you think that was added later? He is not sure. He thinks its a 2 cycle engine of some sort. There are no valves. the piston is 3.75" in diameter and 4.75" long. and contoured toward the exhaust port, three rings, two at the top and one at the skirt.