Dave Rotigel's Galloway

In January, I asked over the internet if anyone had a 9-14 HP Hit and Miss Engine for sale. Joe Kelley responded telling me abouot a 9 HP Galloway which he had purchased several years ago from a sea captain's estate.

We agreed on a price and I was to pick up "Captain Giles' Galloway" in May, after the snow melted in Joe's drive - Joe lives in Maine! Then in early March I learned that Charlie Bryant was going up to Joe's to take him an engine and to pick up several more before returning to his home in Missouri. Charlie offered to pick up the Galloway and deliver it to my home in Greensburg, PA on April 1st. Now, to this point I had not met either Joe or Charlie but I figured "what the heck, they are both into 'old iron' so they must be OK."

So, I purchased this 9 HP Galloway and Buzz saw rig sight unseen from a guy I didn't know and trusted a guy I had never met to haul it almost 800 miles and deliver it to my home. Pictured here, is the engine as it arrived in my drive on April 1st!