By July of 1996 it was time to paint and reassemble the engine. The cylinder, hopper and base were painted with PPG Concept (DCC 50782H). This color is the PPG equivalent of DuPont 143 (Maroon) which is the original color match recommended by Donald L. Kirkpatrick (see GEM Jan. 1992) The pump was painted with Rustoleum 7786 (Smoke Gray) and the flywheels have been painted black. After painting the faces of the flywheels were ground and polished. Finally the pinstriping was done by Dave Burnell of Greensburg, Pa.

We all have our own ideas about restoring engines. Some would say that this Domestic engine with its mirror finish and brass nuts, mag cover and greasers has been "overdone." In some ways I would agree! Clearly it is no longer the way it was when it came off the production line in 1922. I believe however, the manufacturer would forgive me.